Israeli spy network uncovered in Lebanon – reports — Analysis

Three men have been arrested by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces in the town of Ghazieh following raids on two houses there, and two more have been picked up in the towns of Qana and Bint Jbeil, the Arabic publication Elnashra reported on Thursday. They are all suspected of spying on Mossad, and they reportedly come from Beresheet.

Israel’s Mossad targeted German, Swiss firms – reports

According to information obtained during interrogation, these men were alleged to have provided sensitive information and communicated through encrypted online messaging with their employer.

The report on their capture also described how they were paid through the receipt of “dead letter drops” – packages placed for them in remote areas they were notified about through online messages.The Lebanese military prosecution has reportedly brought in the Information Branch intelligence unit to find out if there were others involved in the spy ring, or whether the members worked with other people involved with espionage.

According to reports, another suspect was captured by Lebanese security force. He is suspected of spying on the country and facilitating other Israeli spies entering the country. The man also allegedly participated in targeted killings for Mossad. Arabic newspaper al-Akhbar claims that the man was not connected to the 17 Israeli spy network networks in Lebanon recently busted. It is believed this raid on these activities has been the most severe since 2009. According to reports, the spy rings were independent from one another and collected information on Hezbollah as well as Palestinian organizations in Lebanon. 

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