Students sue school over book banning — Analysis

US students suing a St. Louis school claim books are being banned as part of an effort to “remove” ideas on race and sexuality

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), has brought a suit on behalf of two students against Wentzville School Board of St. Louis. They claim they have violated civil rights in banning some books from schools libraries. 

Although the students were minors and cannot be identified, they were referred to by C.K.W. and D.L. 

According to the lawsuit class, the ban on certain books has been part of an ongoing legal action. “targeted campaign by the St. Charles County Parents Association and No Left Turn in Education’s Missouri chapter to remove particular ideas and viewpoints about race and sexuality from school libraries.”

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Among the books banned are ‘The Bluest Eye’, a book that deals directly with racism from the point of view of a black character, by Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison, as well as ‘Modern Romance’, a book penned by comedian Aziz Ansari. 

‘The Bluest Eye’ was removed last month after the school board voted in favor of a challenge regarding the novel’s inclusion of sexual and violent material. The school board is also reviewing other books and has banned them. 

Tony Rothert, the director of advocacy for ACLU of Missouri, asserts that the school district’s actions do not equate to “just any old book burning”Where “school districts disagree with the ideology of a book.”

“Here Wentzville has targeted and removed books that are from the perspective and viewpoint of racial or sexual minorities,”According to The Associated Press, he stated that.

According to the activist, removing books during their review is too simple for any person challenging published material to achieve their goal of having a book banned temporarily. 

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