Explosion destroys Greek dynamite factory — Analysis

A dynamite facility in Agalaios near Grevena in northern Greece exploded on Monday morning. Initial reports indicate that three persons are still missing while two others have been hurt.

Explosion in the explosives factory at Agalaios in Grevena. With 4 vehicles and forces from the 2nd and 5th EMAK, 11 firefighters were mobilized. [Hellenic Fire Service],” readThis is a tweet from the official Twitter account. 

The firefighters say that part of the building collapsed and trapped workers. Rescue efforts are ongoing. According to the Greek news agency ERT Kozani, at least three persons are still unaccounted for. Many others have also been hurt.

According to one employee, the explosion occurred just half an hour prior to the beginning of the morning shift. Staff arrived at work to find the factory nearly levelled. One of the guards was in shock after seeing the scene. He was transported by ambulance to Grevena hospital.

The commander of the attending firefighting unit Commander Kalaidopoulos stated that the blast was so powerful, it had leveled the entire production unit and debris had been scattered some 200-300 meters (650-980 feet) away from the scene of the explosion. 

The factory is believed to be owned by Hellenic Explosives Technology Ltd, based in Grevena. It is unknown what caused the explosion.

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