Israeli military bugs phone calls en masse – reports — Analysis

The Israeli military has reportedly bugged all mobiles and phones imported into Gaza and actively monitors the mobile networks operating in the occupied territories to find “pressure points” used to blackmail Palestinians.

At any given time, hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops are listening in on phone conversations in the West Bank and Gaza, a former member of the IDF’s ‘Unit 8200’ signals intelligence corps told the Middle East Eye news outlet.

Unidentified corpsman stated that every mobile phone and any other device imported to Gaza via the south Kerem Shalom border was infected with an Israeli bug. Similarly, anyone making use of the occupied areas’ only two operational mobile networks – Jawwal and Wataniya – is apparently under surveillance.

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Israeli soldiers given ‘prizes’ for helping compile database of Palestinians' pictures – reports

Besides monitoring politically active Palestinians and potential security threats, Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service reportedly conducts an additional level of audio monitoring to identify adulterers and homosexuals who can be “pressured”To join the network of informants.

It is a whole world where the Shin Bet has the power to control Palestinians. This eventually forces them into collaboration or secretiveness with other people.

According to the IDF veteran, “grunt work” behind this mass surveillance system is being carried out by soldiers who learned Arabic as part of their military service – and apparently are told by “the people around them”This “this is proper” “there is no reason”You can find more information here “think that what they are doing is not okay.”

According to reports, Druze soldiers and soldiers of Syrian origin monitor these troops. The transcribed conversations are translated and sent to the IDF’s intelligence divisions and to the Shin Bet, said the ex-soldier, who added that there were no limits to both Israel’s capabilities to invade Palestinian privacy and on what the soldiers can do with the “intimate conversations”They intercepted.

Soldiers in the Army would laugh at sex talking. Soldiers keep the conversation and pass them on to friends. This invasion is very severe on every Palestinian’s privacy.

The West Bank surveillance dragnet was allegedly used by the IDF to invasively recognize facial features last week according to reports.

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