Israel & UAE in rare military partnership — Analysis

Israeli and UAE defense supplier have agreed to collaborate on unmanned vessel development. These vessels can be tailored for various military roles including anti-sub warfare. After holding naval drills, the countries have now agreed to jointly develop unmanned vessels.

On Thursday, the Emirati state-owned weapon manufacturer EDGE Group and government-run Israel Aerospace Industries announced their partnership. They jointly announced that the 170m-USV series of modular-unmanned surface vehicles (M-USV) would be designed for commercial and military applications.

It is expected that the vessels will be used to operate remotely and with complete autonomy. “maritime security operations,” intelligence-gathering, surveillance, detecting and countering submarines and mines, and as a deployment platform for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft such as helicopters and certain types of drones.

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The manufacturers stated that the products can be modified to suit commercial needs, such as oceanography, monitoring of pollution, oil and natural gas exploration, transport, search and rescue and firefighting.

While not specifying the sources and amount of the project’s funding, or when production would begin, EDGE Chief Executive Faisal Al Bannai described the deal as an “important milestone”This would. “open many doors”The company is “local and global markets, military and commercial alike.”

According to the statement, the EDGE-owned Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) will design the vessel and integrate the platform’s control systems and payload. IAI will create the autonomous control systems as well as provide mission-requirement payloads that can be used to control the system units.

They had joined forces to produce an autonomous drone defence system in March. “detect, identify and intercept a broad range of threats.”

Last week, the UAE and Bahrain conducted their first-ever joint maritime drill with Israel’s navy. Israeli media reports that US Fifth Fleet was also present at the Red Sea five-day force show. It was also reported as an Iranian message.

After Israel and UAE had established diplomatic relations in normalization deals, which was brokered by Trump’s administration, naval exercises took place a little over a decade later. Abraham Accords ended decades of Arab consensus not to recognize Israel formally until the question of a Palestinian state was resolved.

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