Israel hit with another terrorist attack — Analysis

In Elad, an ultra-Orthodox municipality of Elad, at least three are killed and six others are injured.

Celebration of Israeli’s Independence Day has been marred by a suspected terrorist attack at a park in Elad that left at least three people dead and six injured, ratcheting up tensions following a series of deadly incidents in recent weeks.

Two suspected assailants were reportedly involved in Thursday’s attack. All victims received severing with an ax, or knife. One suspect is alleged to be armed with guns. At least two victims were in critical condition at a nearby hospital, and Israel’s United Hatzalah emergency medical service said others were being treated for shock at the scene.

Israel’s government declared the incident to be a “deadly terror attack.” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said, “The joy of Independence Day was cut short in an instant. A murderous attack in Elad shocks the heart and soul.”He also stated that Israel is his country. “will not succumb to terrorism”He vowed security forces would follow his lead. “catch the killers and those who sent them.”

Two suspects have been missing since they fled the scene on Thursday in a car. The attackers were pursued by security forces who blocked several roads around the region.

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Moti Tsinvert, a volunteer with Israel’s MDA paramedic service, called the attack a “massacre and a bloodbath.”According to him, the Jerusalem Post “In all my years as an emergency medicine paramedic, I have not encountered such a severe scene of multiple casualties with significant penetrating injuries – residents who went out just to breathe fresh air in the park, and their lives ended so harshly.”

In a string of terror incidents that have erupted in Israel and West Bank over the past month, the latest attack has brought the total number to 19. This attack also occurred days after Hamas Gaza Chief. Yahya SinwarHe urged Palestinians not to kill Israelis and said: “Whoever doesn’t have a gun, he should prepare his cleaver or his axe or his knife.”

Hamas praised Thursday’s attack as a “heroic operation,”They claimed it was in response to Jewish Israelis visiting Temple Mount earlier in the morning. Mahmoud Abubas, President of the Palestinian Authority, condemned Elad’s violence and said that it was a response to Jewish Israelis visiting Temple Mount holy site earlier in the day. “only leads to a further deterioration of the situation.”

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