Super Bowl revelry turns riotous (VIDEO) — Analysis

As victory celebrations in downtown Los Angeles escalate to “violent and destructive behavior,” thieves use the occasion to steal jewelry

Viral video footage posted on social media on Monday shows Los Angeles Rams fans – or perhaps opportunists – apparently looting a downtown jewelry store amid chaotic celebrations after the local team won Sunday’s Super Bowl.

This clip features at most six people exiting a jewelry shop through broken glass doors. On the street, you can hear people shouting. “Let’s go,”As sirens sound in the background, police officers urge the looters not to delay.

Twitter user emilioooo stated that he was the one who shot the video, and that the incident took place at a nearby shop on Sixth and Broadway. The area is dotted with jewelry shops, according to maps.

After the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, the city was filled with joyous celebrations. This was their first NFL title since 1983. Played at nearby Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium.

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After a violent throng of revelers, the LA Police issued multiple dispersal orders. “We continue to see large, violent and destructive crowds in the downtown Los Angeles core area,”Police said. “Those involved in criminal activity and those failing to obey dispersal orders are subject to arrest.”

Police had earlier urged the fans to “celebrate responsibly”It is important to abstain and not do anything that might cause harm. “tarnish a great Super Bowl win.”Even after California Highway Patrol shut down downtown exits to major highways, the crowds grew.

Others posted videos on Twitter showing people jumping onto vehicles and blocking roads, as well as shooting fireworks. In one scene, people are shown climbing on and entering a city bus that’s covered with graffiti.

According to police, a loaded gun was recovered from a car that had been stopped for donuts in a downtown area.

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