Anti-oil activists glue themselves to Van Gogh painting — Analysis

This stunt came a day after another group attacked a painting at a British museum.

Just Stop Oil, a climate activist, raided London’s Courtauld Gallery and glued themselves onto a Vincent Van Gogh painting on Thursday. Two activists targeted the 1889 painting ‘Peach Trees in Blossom’.

The activists glued their palms to the painting’s frame, apparently seeking to avoid damaging the masterpiece itself. It wasn’t immediately known if the activists had used petroleum-based adhesives in their stunt.

They then called for the UK to stop new fossil fuel project. They also stated in a statement they were calling for the UK government to end new fossil fuel projects. “art institutions to join them in civil resistance.”

The stunt has prompted a heavy police response, with multiple officers arriving to the scene to detach the protesters from the painting’s frame and bring them in, footage shared by the group on social media shows.

This protest follows a similar one held by the same group a few days earlier stuntThe Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is in Glasgow. The activists targeted a 19th century painting by Horatio McCulloch, ‘My Heart’s in the Highlands’, with two gluing themselves to its frame. Other activists spray-painted the museum’s walls with the ‘Just Stop Oil’ slogan. All in all, five activists ended up arrested for the group’s stunt in Glasgow.

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