Israel doesn’t need US permission to strike Iran – FM — Analysis

The Jewish state possesses capabilities the world can’t even imagine and will use them against Tehran if necessary, the Israeli foreign minister has warned

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has made it clear that his country can use force to curb Iran’s nuclear development without informing US President Joe Biden.

“Israel will do whatever it needs to do to protect its security. And we don’t need anybody’s permission for that. That’s been the case since the first day we established this state,” Lapid told Israel’s Channel 12 on the last day of 2021.

The foreign minister was asked whether his country has the ability to carry out such an attack. “Israel has capabilities, some of which the world, and even some experts in the field, cannot even imagine. And Israel will protect itself against the Iranian threat.”

Since talks began in 2015 to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA), between Tehran and the world powers, Israeli military officials have been considering a strike against Iran.
Tehran expressed doubt over Israel’s warnings and called them “skeptical”. “empty threats,”However, they promise a tough response to aggression. 
In return for lifting international sanctions, Iran was required to reduce its nuclear program under the JCPOA.

Iran stages mock attack on Israeli nuclear facility (VIDEO)

Donald Trump (ex-president) unliterary withdrew USA from the JCPOA 2018 calling it the “worst deal ever.”While the Jewish state echoed his views, it strongly opposed the deal which, according to them, did not stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Lapid stated that there have not been any asynchronies in his Friday interview. “capitulation”During the Vienna talks, Tehran. “Israel is not against a good deal, it is only against the wrong deal,”He concluded.

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