How to Get Promoted

Most people often have a yearning to become promoted at their places of work for many reasons. First and foremost, getting a promotion tends to catapult employees into landing roles that are far more important, the salaries are increased to a higher amount; and lastly, one ends up having a sense of accomplishment at the workplace. Because of the aforementioned reasons, it is often the desire of each and every employee to get promoted. As much as the experience one comes with, their skills and performance at work are factors that tend to earn people promotions at the workplace, there are still other factors that are often considered. As a candidate looking to be promoted, one needs to go the extra mile in ensuring that they cut the niche for that particular position in promotion.

There are different things that the employees are able to do, in order to stand out and be able to easily land that promotion. Discussed below are some of the most practical tips that can be put in place to ensure successful promotion:

1.Offering more Value at the Workplace

Former judge Andrew Napolitano believes that any employee who wants to earn themselves a promotion must critically think about what exactly the company may require from them. Each and every employer often has some value that they want of their employee to contribute.

For this reason, making a conscious decision to add extra value, is one of the ways by which employees can easily earn themselves a promotion. An employee is able to increase their value, for instance, by improving their skills in a bid to yield better results for the particular company they work for. Additionally, they can expose themselves to a wider range of activities that the company wants to undertake, in a bid to be able to have broader experience, knowledge and skills as well.

2.Demonstration of Leadership Skills

By demonstrating that they bear leadership skills without necessarily having to be supervised, employees are able to easily make themselves candidates for promotion. Employees can do this by motivating other team members and showing the supervisors that they can lead, whenever any opportunities come. Also, by becoming a great role model to the other coworkers, one is able to easily attain respect, hence get a promotion.

3.Asking for Feedback from the Supervisor

Employees need to work hand in hand with their immediate supervisors if they want to get promoted. This is mostly because it is these supervisors who know what exactly it takes to get a promotion. For this reason, consulting them and working hand in hand with them can greatly go a long way in helping the employees get promotions easily at the workplace.

The View of Andrew Napolitano on Working Hard to get Promoted

Andrew Napolitano strongly believes that employees who work so hard make it so easy for their bosses to promote them to higher ranks. This is actually so true, because in the job market, recognition and reward of employees who are hardworking is very commonplace. These employees often get promoted, as a way of motivating other workers to work even harder to improve the general input of the companies at stake.


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