ISIS appoints new leader — Analysis

The terrorist group Islamic State, previously ISIS/ISIL, has announced the replacement of Abu Ibrahim Al-hashemi Al-Quraishi on Thursday.

A spokesman from the group confirmed the previous leader’s death and announced the new leader over ISIS’ al-Furqan Media, though the name had already been circulating unofficially on social media in the preceding month.

Russia predicts revival of Islamic State and ‘caliphate 2.0’

The former Al-Quraishi was alleged to have blown himself up and his family in a raid last month by US special troops in northwest Syria. According to a senior unnamed US official, Quraishi detonated the bomb at the start of the operation, leaving at least 13 people dead in the “Explosions and clashes” that ensued, according to Syrian rescue workers. The US President Joe Biden praised the success of the raid, stating that there were no American casualties.

Quraishi, now deceased, had been leading the caliphate’s wannabe founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi since his death in 2018. He was also killed in an identical manner in the US attack in 2019. Although Donald Trump claimed victory over the group in his presidential campaign, the group had been active in attacks against Syria and Iraq throughout the years. In addition, an Afghan rebel group known as ISIS-K detonated a bomb during the US raid in Kabul in 2019. This attack killed hundreds.

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