Is Anastasia Belotskaya A Rising Star?

Anastasia Belotskaya seems to be a rising star, with her name and her face appearing on more things in the past several years than in the entire span of her career to date. The Russian fashion model has been on the scene for years, though she has seen a considerable rise in her appeal recently.

One of the ways that the model has been given some notice is by appearing on the cover of Plastic by Frank Strausser. The bestseller follows a character by the name of Dr. Harry Previn, a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He is called to secretly operate on a beautiful teen pop star after an assault. “Plastic” has become a psychological suspense novel that takes a heinous crime and turns it into a Hollywood cover-up. Meanwhile, critics can’t stop talking about the creepy cover.

Film director Sean Drew was able to get Anastasia Belotskaya to pose for the cover of the book. Many called her “brave” to be a part of it as she is wrapped in plastic with her mouth wide open. She appears to be half-alive. Meanwhile, the trailer of the book teases the premise to say that “If you are not pretty,” followed by the chilling photo of Belotskaya, “you are dead.”

In addition to Anastasia Belotskaya being portrayed on a rising bestseller of a book, she has also made headlines as a women’s rights activist. She claims that she’s been inspired by so many of the powerful women within the fashion industry, naming women such as Coco Chanel and Gala Dali. She said that she doesn’t want to be stereotyped and that many people misunderstand the term ‘strong woman.’ She feels that equality is a must and has been particularly interested in equal pay for women when they do the same job as a man.

Anastasia Belotskaya is so much more than a book cover model and an activist, however. She has certainly modeled her way across the globe, helping to add character to a number of high fashion brands.

The Russian model has also decided to launch her own lingerie brand. Skaya Lingerie allows the model to advocate so that a woman can look sexy and elegant. She promotes feminine confidence and independence regardless of race, size or shape. Additionally, she wants to deliver this confidence through lingerie in such a way that it doesn’t break the bank.

As an entrepreneur, Anastasia Belotskaya has been getting a significant amount of attention. She has proven to the world that she is so much more than a pretty face. The Skaya Lingerie brand will be exploring not only lingerie but also swimwear and fitness apparel. She wants to create a disruption within the industry not to compete with big names but to meet the needs of women worldwide. She wants to provide an affordable product that allows people to promote their confidence, independence, and sexuality.

While Anastasia Belotskaya may not have the name recognition that other models have, she has appeared on the covers of such magazines as Maxim, Cover Girl, and much more. As a rising star, the world is likely to start hearing a lot more of her.

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