How to Wear Everyday Lashes

Lashes are totally in anymore. Many people have sought out the best false lashes on the market or even opted for lash extensions. When it comes to wearing lashes on a daily basis, there are so many lashes to choose from. 

Some lashes are made to be ultra-dramatic and are best suited to going out while other lashes are designed to be used as everyday lashes and still give your lashes a beautiful look no matter what you’re doing. If you haven’t yet looked into wearing lashes, now is the time! 

We’re going to talk about how to wear everyday lashes. 

Wearing Lashes Every Day

It is perfectly acceptable to wear false lashes every single day. Find some trustworthy lashes that you love and stick with them. It’s also ok to try new brands and options as you hear about great ones out there. 

You will want to be sure that you are taking proper care of your lashes and your eyes if you are going to use lashes every day. Remember that you are gluing something to your lashes so be sure to gently wash everything off at the end of the day. 

You might also benefit from applying lash serum, Vaseline, or a moisturizer of some sort to your lash line. This will soothe your skin and lash area and keep you from experiencing any adverse effects from daily use of lashes. 

One more thing, when you do remove your everyday lashes, be sure to remove them gently so you don’t damage your lash or eye in any way. 

Applying Everyday Lashes

For everyday lashes, you will most likely want to use strip lashes. You can use individual lashes but they are more complicated to apply.  You can also use magnetic lashes if that is your preference rather than glue. Overall, the process is pretty similar for application. 

Here are some quick application tips for glue-on everyday lashes. 

  1. Clean your eye and your lashes as necessary. It is recommended that you apply your lashes to a clean eyelid. 
  2. Be sure the eyelashes are the right length for your eye. You may need to trim them before applying. 
  3. Squeeze a line of glue down the band of the eyelash. 
  4. Wait a few seconds and let the glue turn slightly tacky. 20-30 seconds is usually about right. If you use white glue, it turns a translucent color. 
  5. Position the eyelash close to your natural lash line. Try to get it as close as possible without gluing it to your lashes directly. 
  6. Gently press the lash down. 
  7. You can cover the lash band with eyeliner and proceed with the rest of your makeup. You may want to wait just a minute to allow for final drying time to secure your lashes. 

Caring for Your Everyday Lashes

Most lashes are made to be reusable for several wears. Obviously, you don’t want to have to replace them every wear, especially if wearing them every day. 

Your lashes will not last forever but they can last for several wears if you take care of them properly. How many uses you get out of your lashes could depend on the material of the lashes. Some lashes (synthetic fibers) will last only 5-10 uses while others (mink, animal hair, etc.) will last up to 30 uses. 

To get the most use out of your lashes, be sure to be gentle with them. Don’t use tweezers on them and remove them gently every single time. 

You also need to be sure to clean your everyday lashes properly to make them last longer. Use a Q-tip with coconut oil or makeup remove and clean along the band of the eyelash. Try to remove all excess glue. 

Do this when you remove the lashes and let them dry completely before using them again. 


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