Iran’s young soldiers show off indigenous hardware in ‘battle-like’ drills (VIDEOS) — RT World News

Tehran praises the Iranian defense hardware, which it has developed in-house. The Iranian army is currently conducting a military exercise to familiarize its young personnel with combative conditions.

On Sunday, Iran’s armed forces kicked off their latest exercise, ‘Zolfaghar 1400’, under the command of the army’s Zolfaghar base. Alireza Sabahi Fard, the commander of Iran’s Army Air Defense Force, said the drills used only domestically manufactured systems, including reconnaissance equipment, radar systems, and electronic warfare kits. 

Online videos show how the exercise was conducted, with the unmanned suicide drones and rotary assets being used, as well as parachute operations. 

On Monday, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated that the exercise provided an opportunity for younger soldiers to experience battle-like conditions. Irani claimed that the primary purpose of the military exercises was to transfer technical knowledge to younger individuals. 

He said Iran’s forces truly had the upper hand against aggressors and could defend the country. also available
WATCH Iranian Navy forces’ encounter with US destroyers over oil tanker

Operation Makran is believed to be taking place on the coast of Oman, in a semi deserted region.

Iran said last week that it stopped the US hijacking an oil tanker from the Gulf. However, the US had claimed to have drained the vessel of all its oil. Iran claimed it had hijacked the ship and refuted this claim. 

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