US congresswoman ‘swatted’ by police

A transgender activist had armed cops sent to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, woke up Wednesday to find armed officers outside her Georgia home. The individual who called the police to Greene’s home claimed to be upset about her opposition to child sex changes and admitted to wanting to “swat”Her, the term used to describe the act of summoning the police on a target with false pretexts. 

According to a report by police in the town of Rome, Georgia, officers received a call shortly after 1am by an individual who told them that a man had been shot in a bathtub at the congresswoman’s address. A caller said that the house contained a woman, and possibly children.

Greene spoke to Jack Posobiec, conservative radio host on Wednesday night. She said she was awakened by knocks at her front door and that she saw lights and people outside her home. “I jumped out of bed, threw my clothes on, and I picked up my gun,”Posobiec was told by her, and she added that she had immediately dropped the gun on the ground just before she answered the door. “gut instinct.”

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The office of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in Washington, US, 2022. © Bill Clark / Getty Images
A congresswoman suggests that children in the US are sentenced to jail for using puberty blocking drugs.

Greene opened the doors to the officers, pointing their guns at her. She explained that it was a miscommunication and invited them inside. She was informed by an officer that she was “swatted,”If officers rush to enter a situation they perceive as potentially violent, this tactic could have fatal consequences.  

Greene explained that Greene could have been killed if she answered the door holding her gun. “political terrorism”A deliberate attempt to cause “death by cop.”

Soon after receiving the first police call, the perpetrator called back. “computer generated voice”He admitted that he had tried. “swat”Greene claimed to have been “upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,”According to the police report. 

Greene, a conservative stalwart, introduced last week a bill that would make it illegal to give so-called “saved” money. “gender-affirming care”Minors. This includes everything from hormonal therapy, hormone blocking drugs, and sex-change surgery. “really, child abuse,”Greene spoke to Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ host on Thursday.

More than a dozen House Republicans have co-sponsored Greene’s bill.



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