Iran gives reason for its latest war games — Analysis

Iran’s top military officials have said that the country’s war games this week were a response to “Zionist empty threats,” claiming that if Israeli representatives were to step out of line, Tehran would “cut off their hands.”

Speaking on Friday, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said that this week’s Great Prophet 17 military drills were a success that highlighted Iran’s military might. 

“In this exercise, 16 missiles fired from different platforms hit a certain target accurately,” Bagheri told reporters on the sidelines of the drills’ final day. He claimed only a small fraction of the country’s missile capability was demonstrated.

The commander-in-chief, Major General Hossein Salami (IRGC), stated that the drills were a response for empty threats from arch-foe Israel. “If the officials of this regime do a damn thing, we will cut off their hands,”Salami

As a spokesperson for the war games’, Brigadier General Nilforoushan claimed the drills were as planned and that electronic warfare operations helped to suppress the enemy air defense system.

On Monday, the five-day military exercise started with an air defense drill above the Bushehr nuclear power station in the early morning hours. All units involved in the war games were ground, naval and air forces from the IRGC.

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