Imtazur Rahman explains: How to plan your DREAM wedding with a budget!

Every person has their own opinion on what a dream wedding ought to be like! It’s all part and parcel of the love that is a part of this special day.

But! Weddings can be costly.

As time passes, costs continue to rise. There are many things to think about: the venue, your wedding dress, your wedding cake, your dinner & entertainment, your wedding photos to print and save, as well as the cost of your wedding.

In the process of planning an ideal wedding day, many newlyweds end-up in debt. That’s no way to start a marriage!

For insider tips on how to create your dream wedding on the budget, Imtazur Rahman from Canada is scheduled to talk to us about wedding planning with a limited budget.

What does a wedding usually cost?

Imtazur Rahman: Maybe this will not be a surprise to your readers, but weddings on a budget are actually more commonplace these days — with the average wedding budget decreasing in value. In the United States, a typical wedding cost around $34,000 just a few years back. That price fell to $28,000 by the year 2019 but then climbed again, reaching $19,000 by 2020.

What is the biggest cost in wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman – The venue is often the most expensive. The average cost for venues is around $10,000. This is about the half of your budget. Perhaps a little more like $12,000-$14,000 if the venue provides food (including the wedding cake) and drinks, tables, chairs, linens, etc.

It could be that it is more expensive or less expensive dependent on the location you’re hosting the wedding ceremony. It is also contingent on how many guests are attending.

What other wedding costs are there to be aware of?

Imtazur Rahman – Apart from the venue/catering Three of these could make a difference to the finances of newlyweds.

The engagement ring

  • Since they serve as the symbol of the partnership, engagement rings can get pretty costly. Prices can vary based on the style the manufacturer, design and stone you choose, but the majority of engagement rings cost between $5,000 and $5,000.

Music & Entertainment

  • Beyond the ceremony, the reception is also important. It’s all about the entertainment you are looking for. Live music is priced at around $3,000 on average, while DJs can cost as little as $2,200.

Photography and Videography

  • Photos and videos are essential to keep the memory of your special day. Professional work can cost around $2,000 for the photographer, and about $1000 for the videographer.

What is your most important advice for wedding planning on a tight budget?

Imtazur Rahman – I believe that the biggest challenge for brides and grooms is to establish the realistic budget. I have had clients contact me with budgets as low $8,000 to $15,000, and that’s fine. Weddings can be accomplished at this cost. It is up to the couple to decide if that budget will work with their desires.

That’s what I mean by saying that if you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget, it is important to ensure that the cost you decide to set will be affordable for the type of wedding you envision. It is impossible to make your dream wedding happen by imposing any restrictions. Trust me, you’ll only end up spending more that way. Therefore, my focus is on “realistic”.

What can grooms and brides do to ease the wedding budget strain?

Imtazur Rahman Make concessions whenever possible! There is no need to give up the things that you absolutely own or at the very least, you shouldn’t. By concessions (and it could be nearly everything!) I’m referring to the following:

  1. Edit your wedding date To save on venue fees you can consider a weekday rather than Saturday.
  2. You can have your reception and wedding at the same time! With venues being one of the most expensive things about hosting an event, you could save up by having just one!
  3. Limit your guest list! Who are the guests must be present for your wedding day? This is a critical point to remember. If you have more guests invite, it’ll force you to set aside a bigger budget. Not only for the location as well as for other aspects of your wedding.
  4. You can do your own favorsThis activity is very popular among my clients, particularly since they are often quite costly.

You could go on about how many compromises you can make to help make your dream day happen in your budget. You get the idea. Give up everything that isn’t essential to make the occasion more special.

Do you have last-minute suggestions for those planning a budget wedding?

Imtazur Rahman Help is available! Don’t forget, I’m not talking about just your wedding coordinator. I mean friends and family! Invite them to join in and create a memorable day for all. I am certain they will be more than satisfied and will be able to help with your special day.

Where are our readers able to locate you?

Imtazur Rahman: I have a website that allows you to get expert assistance in planning your wedding.

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