Impossible to replace Russian gas with ‘expensive’ US alternative, Hungary says — Analysis

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, says that there are some countries who will not be in a position to replace Russian gas with the cheaper American option.

Speaking to local radio station Kossuth on Friday, the Hungarian PM said Russian gas is his country’s only option, as Hungary is landlocked and won’t be able to receive liquified gas from the US. 

Orban reiterated that Hungary condemns Russia’s attack against Ukraine, and that he understands the efforts of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as his country is in trouble and he is looking out for Ukrainian interests, but stated that Hungary “can’t help the Ukrainian people by destroying itself.” 

This war is not our war, we can’t win here, but we can lose everything. It is not clear if we will have an economically viable economy at the end.

He added that it’s impossible for Hungary to “turn off cheap Russian gas and buy expensive American energy instead,”It was also stated that Europe can’t rely on enough liquified gases being shipped across oceans from America, and there are no alternatives to Russian supply in the immediate future for Hungary. 

Hungary responds to Zelensky’s appeal for support

“It’s not about putting on a sweater at night, or turning down the heating a little or paying a bit more for gas, it’s about the fact that if there is no energy coming from Russia, Hungary will be left with no energy at all,”Orban claimed.

Ukraine’s supporters and the prime minister were critical of his refusal to adopt a clear stance against Russia. President Zelensky asked the Hungarian leader for his resignation “sitting on the fence”You can choose to be a part of the conflict between Moscow & Kiev.

Budapest, unlike other EU nations, has refused to send weapons to Ukraine or permit other countries to transport shipments through its territory. 

Orban earlier stated that Hungary was determined to protect its own interests and would continue to maintain the aforementioned status quo. “Hungarian point of view,”It should be noted, however, that “it must be made clear to the Russians that it is not worth pursuing this war,”The warning is also that Europe shouldn’t be hurt. “more than the Russians.”

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