Importance of Using Reusable Straws

The environmental conversation is one of the most important conversations happening now around the world. Many countries have developed guidelines and recommendations on how to best tackle the problem of environmental pollution. Environmental degradation occurs from ecological pollution caused by human beings. Many different forms of environmental pollution are both human-made and natural. But here, Helen Lee Schifter wants to focus on how human beings lead to environmental pollution through the disposal of plastic waste that does not decompose. Specifically, we are going to focus on straws because they are the major contributors to environmental pollution.

In the hospitality industry, almost every soft drink is taken using a plastic straw. The used straws are disposed of in millions, and because they don’t degrade, they find themselves in piles of plastic material washed down the rivers and into lakes and oceans. This intern affects the aquatic lives in the lakes and oceans. With this in mind, people have started deriving ways of manufacturing reusable straws across the board.

People are now opting for reusable straws made of bags, glasses, containers, and bottles. Others have even gone a long way in customizing some wood carvings from bamboo sticks into drinking straws. These drinking tools are made of wood, and as such, they are friendly to the environment. One of the reasons why people have opted for reusable straws is that they are eco-friendly. This is because they are made of materials that are environmentally friendly and readily available. The materials can be found in almost all corners of the world. Manufacturing plastic straws emit harmful fumes to the environment, which in turn cause air pollution.

Renewable straws have lesser environmental costs in the long run compared to plastic straws. This is because the plastic straws’ long-term effect tends to take years as the material will never decompose. Others have also reported using steel as reusable straws because of its durability. Many hotels have started using stainless steel to replace traditional plastic straws. TheThe reusable steel straws are sterilized and can be reused for a long time. It is also important to always insist on good quality reusable straws. Never compromise on quality because this can affect your customers and business negatively through contamination.

Helen Lee Schifter is a former arbitrage trader on Wall Street and has contributed a lot to discussing environmental change. She has a passion for ecological conservation and advocates for the ban of single-use plastics. Schifter is following environmental cleanness. She has established a new company called Blueland where you only buy one bottle of perfume and refill it always without having to throw it away.

Key point to note is that reusable straws have continued to change many environment-conscious people’s perspectives. Well-designed and biodegradable straws have been adopted with nations wishing to go green. The Paris Climate Change has started leading discussions on how to control the emission of CO2 that has led to increased global warming. With the benefits of reusable straws, countries should start adopting this new process of reducing environmental conservation.


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