Importance of a Family Vacation

Having family plans and being family oriented seems to have perks, other times having family events is an importance that few experience. According to a well-known doctor by the name of Benjamin Cory Harow, the best way to experience time with family would be taking a family vacation at least once a year. Experiencing such wholesome fun shows Harow’s thoughts on how he feels about family and the importance of ‘togetherness’ for family ties. Harow’s expression for family vacations elaborates on the idea that being around family builds a strong connection to the well-being of the entire household, which lowers stress and promotes overall togetherness for families.

Dr. Harow’s concept is backed by his experience in being an important role for the fight against covid, which showed Harow the importance of family and the time he spends with his loved ones. In doing so, Harow once expressed that family vacations give opportunities to rekindle and rejoice the relationships that people have with their loved ones.

Harow also explained that when the choice is given to make plans with family, cherish these moments, because they don’t happen everyday. Dr. Harow also indicated that he is a parent of four children and enjoys the time he has with his kids, he also tries to go on family vacations at least one a year to make-up for lost time. Harow also stated ways to engage with his family during the vacations he takes with them, he also refers these techniques to other parents for their family vacations.

Dr. Harow’s suggested techniques show the validity that family vacations at least once a year are important to the overall bond of kinship. Some of Dr. Harow’s suggestions incorporate means of reconnection through a series of exercises that reinforce the values of family. Some of these techniques include cooking together, watching a movie together, playing board games or doing any outdoor activities.

Although some of the suggestions seem simplistic they each have a long term purpose to build family values that increase the bond of kinship. Suggested exercises like cooking together bring Dr. Harow to the idea that this exercise may build memories that last a lifetime and help progress the intellect of his four children.

Other exercises like watching a movie together or playing board games helps families embrace the preference or skill level of each family member. As for the outdoor activities this exercise seems to help families broaden the scenery with limitless options in sight.

All in all the suggested ideas given by Dr. Harow, are ways to reconnect families, their values, and their preferences so each family member has an overall understanding for their kin. So when the time comes to take a family vacation, Dr. Harow suggests making the most of every moment by engaging with each and every family member. Doing so will improve one’s mentality and their capability to embrace their family in all walks of life, whether it be what they like or what they’re good at.


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