Implementing Religion in Daily Life

Overtime, there has been quite a number of research studies that have shown how religion has shaped the day-to-day lives of different people. The studies have proven that people who are more religious tend to be engaged to their extended family members, and surrounding communities in general. Also, they tend to be happier and content in life. This therefore begs the question, why is this so? Well, the general effects of faith on the personality of an individual tends to shift the general characteristic of their optimism, self esteem and the general locus of their control. Herein, we shall have a look at how the Catholic Religion, and Catholicism in particular, is able to impact those that practice it in their day to day living.

How Believers of Catholicism can Incorporate Religion in Their Daily Lives

The following are the ways through which Catholics are able to implement religion in their day to day lifestyle:

1.By having God at the Center of Everything

The Catholic faith is focused more on the principle of having God at the very focal point in all that defines human beings. Because of this, God is then included in all that is done by the believers of Catholicism. This is mostly because He forms the most integral part of our being. By being able to have God placed at the center of everything, it goes a long way in creating a huge impact in just how the Catholic life is impacted by Him. Father George Rutler particularly encourages Catholic believers to make this practice very practical in their daily living.

2.By Practicing Spiritual Discipline

The Catholic faith has quite a number of rules and principals that tend to govern how the believers are supposed to live a life that is pleasant unto the Lord. Being able to be fully disciplined in following these guidelines will go a long way in showing just how obedient one is. This way, the strong belief in the Catholic religion is implemented and shone brightly, even to those that are around the Catholics.

One is only able to have the full spiritual discipline by help of the Holy Spirit, in order to be in a position whereby it then becomes much easier to say no to sin and lead a life that is acceptable.

3.By Being Able to Model Behavior that is Godly

Believers of Catholicism are able to implement religion in their lives by modeling behaviors that are Godly. Actually, at the end of the day, this is what is able to set one Catholics apart from the other non-believers. Because of this, the Catholics should incorporate these practices in their everyday living. For example, helping those who are less fortunate in the society, praying for the sick, being advocates for peace and unity; and many more Godly acts. Actually modelling of Godly behavior is one of the many ways through which Father George Rutler believes that Catholics are able to practice religion in their everyday lives.


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