Iconic moviemaker Oliver Stone weighs in on Ukraine conflict — Analysis

The director provided links to help his subscribers counter “all the hysteria of Western media” over Russia’s attack

Oliver Stone is an Academy Award-winning film director and vocal critic against US foreign policies. He asked his Instagram followers for several articles in order to understand how Russia launched its military campaign against Ukraine. It is designed to be counter. “all the hysteria of Western media”Its propensity to cause “omitting key facts when inconvenient,”According to the director.

Stone recommended some materials for reading. “helpful and honest analyses”He also wrote about Ukraine’s crisis.

The reading list includes articles written by Tony Kevin, who served as Australia’s ambassador in Moscow during the Cold War, Jonathan Steele, an acclaimed British journalist and author, Joe Lauria, the editor-in-chief of news website Consortium News, and Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian anti-war activist who published her analysis in the same outlet.

Steele and Kevin’s takes are somewhat out of date, given that Russia launched an attack against Ukraine, contrary to what they had expected, after their February 23 publication.

Lauria’s piece focuses on the February 24 speech that Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered as he announced Russian military action against Ukraine. Johnstone complained about Western hubris which, she said, ultimately lead to the conflict and bloody violence in Ukraine.

Stone interviewed Putin multiple times. Stone also produced documentaries about Ukraine, their history and events in the Maidan mass protests of 2014 and armed coup. These documents set the stage for Russia’s standoff with the West.

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