Husband of cinematographer shot by Alec Baldwin speaks in first TV interview — Analysis

Matt Hutchins, husband of the late Halyna, rejected Alec Baldwin’s declaration that he is “not responsible” for the shooting

Matt Hutchins was the husband of Halyna Hutchins’ late cinematographer. He was shot accidentally by Alec Baldwin, and was fatally injured on a New Mexico film last year. “so angry” after seeing the actor describing the events leading up to his wife’s death.

In his first interview on the tragedy, Hutchins pointed to Baldwin as largely responsible for Halyna’s death, calling the actor’s own TV interview following the shooting “absurd.”

Baldwin stated that he was not responsible for Halyna’s death and claimed that he hadn’t pulled the trigger on the gun that caused her death and the injuries to director Joel Souza. 

Responding to those comments, Hutchins told NBC’s ‘The Today Show’ that “the idea that the person holding the gun and causing it to discharge is not responsible is absurd to me.” 

Hutchins also accused the ‘Rust’ movie production, on which Baldwin was also serving as a producer, of cutting corners on safety guidelines and industry standards, something that has been previously suggested in reports about the set where guns were allegedly not well-guarded. 

“Gun safety was not the only problem on that set. There were a number of industry standards that were not practiced and there’s multiple responsible parties,”He stated. 

Baldwin, along with others involved in the production of the film, has been sued by the Hutchins Family over safety standards. The lawsuit is only one of several related to the shooting. 

‘Rust’ shooting prosecutor weighs in on Alec Baldwin claim

The actor has received backlash for his tearful ABC interview, and Hutchins said that Baldwin’s behavior during it made him angry.

“I was just so angry to see him talk about her death so publicly in such a detailed way and then to not accept any responsibility after having just described killing her,”He stated. 

Hutchins and his wife had been married 16 years. They had a son together. 

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