Ottawa police move in on protesters (VIDEOS) — Analysis

After closing down a portion of the Canadian city, cops began to arrest Freedom Convoy protesters.

On Friday in Ottawa (Canada), rows of police confronted anti-mandate demonstrators. The protest was repelled by police. media toldBy law enforcement “keep a distance,”Vehicle seizures and arrests are now underway.

Ottawa Police on Friday announced that 15 individuals had been arrested and four cars were torched in connection with the Anti-Mandate Freedom Convoy, which has caused traffic jams in Ottawa for three weeks. The announcement came a day after the protest area was cordoned off with fencing and barricades, and two of the demonstration’s organizers were detained. 

Police warned anyone who remained earlier than that “within the unlawful protest site may be arrested.”Media personnel were asked to evacuate the immediate vicinity. “stay out of police operations for your safety,”Ottawa Police has warned reporters that they may be arrested if they were to be caught. “found within areas undergoing enforcement.”

Some protesters refused leave despite the police crackdown. Rows of protestors joined hands to resist rows of riot officers after Friday’s arrests. At the time of writing, the police had not moved in to arrest any more demonstrators, who waved flags and chanted “freedom!” at the officers.

Some protesters seem to have been outnumbered in certain locations by the police. A video uploaded to social media shows that a group of protestors is blocking the way for officers. Police warned that this group included their children and threatened to bring them to the police station. “a place of safety.”

One local reporter reported that snipers could be seen at nearby rooftops.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday invoked emergency powers to put an end to the demonstration. This protest has occupied Ottawa for the past three weeks and also blocked key crossing points between Canada & the USA. Ottawa’s interim police chief, Steve Bell, said on Wednesday that he would use these unprecedented powers to “remove this unlawful protest”And “return our city to a state of normalcy”The next few days.

Trudeau did not indicate that he would lift the mandate to immunize cross-border truckers. Likewise, while some of Canada’s provincial premiers have lifted vaccine and mask mandates, a nationwide vaccination requirement for Canadians to leave the country remains in effect.

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