Humans not legally liable for self-driving cars – report — Analysis

UK law commissions have asked for an Automated Vehicles Act from the government. This would regulate the self-driving car use.

The Law Commission of England and Wales and Scottish Law Commission published a joint report on Wednesday. It included a number of suggestions to make it possible for people to vote. “Safe and responsible introductions of self-driving cars.”

The commissions called on the UK government for a new Automated Vehicles Act. “clear distinction”There are two types of rules for cars: those with assistance drivers or self-driving.

This report calls on politicians to guarantee that laws governing autonomous vehicles are written in a way that guarantees this. “the person in the driving seat would no longer be responsible for how the car drives.”

According to the commissions, legislation could be introduced that would remove any responsibility from those behind the wheel. This would allow individuals who drive autonomous vehicles to be classified as “the responsible driver”. “user-in-charge,”Do not consider yourself a driver. They would be exempted from prosecution for any driving offenses such as speeding, dangerous driving or failure to stop at red lights.

First-ever felony charges filed against driver in fatal Autopilot-involved crash

You can also use it as a “user-in-charge,”They would be required to have insurance and check loads. In the event of an accident between drivers or a vehicle defect, sanctions would apply to the regulator or company.

Following the release of the report, UK Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said “the development of self-driving vehicles in the UK has the potential to revolutionise travel, making everyday journeys safer, easier and greener.”

The findings will be addressed by the government in a formal response “in due course.”

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