Huge Chinese city goes into lockdown over Covid-19 — Analysis

Some 4.5 million residents of China’s northeastern city of Jilin will have to follow a stay-at-home order starting Monday night as China announces a three-day lockdown to curb the spread of the virus, amid the country’s largest Covid-19 outbreak in two years. 

China has recorded more than 4000 new Covid cases since 2002, when the pandemic began. This is the most recent record of Covid deaths in China. Two-thirds of the recorded deaths occurred in China’s Jilin province, which borders Russia and North Korea

Two covid-positive victims died in Jilin, China on Saturday. Both fatalities, according to Chinese authorities, had underlying health conditions and didn’t die due to their coronavirus infections. In China, there had never been a covid-related death for more than one year.

Since March 11, Changchun, Jilin Province’s capital, has also been under restrictions. The nine million residents are restricted from leaving their homes to go grocery shopping, with a maximum of two trips per week. 

China reports first Covid-19 deaths in more than a year

Beijing is easing restrictions on the South. China’s tech hub Shenzhen will partly lift its lockdown, imposed last week. The city’s public transport fully resumed on Monday but some non-essential businesses remain closed.

China’s covid cases are on the rise. Beijing has fired several top-ranking Jilin Province officials, including Jilin City mayor, to address the situation. After an outbreak on campus, Zhang Lifeng was dismissed as the secretary of the Communist Party and chief manager at Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University. He was fired by the state-run newspaper Global Times. “negligence and an ineffective response”The cluster of infections. In Guangdong on the coast, six other officials were also fired, one of which was the deputy director of Guangdong’s provincial public-security division.

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