Iran’s supreme leader weighs in on root cause of Ukraine crisis — Analysis

Ayatollah Khamenei said foreign powers’ influence brought Ukraine to a tragic tipping point

Ayatollah Khmenei is the supreme leader in Iran and claims that Ukraine was a victim of American policies designed to create crises all over the world. Khamenei cited Washington’s influence as the “root cause” of the current military conflict in Ukraine.

In a series of statements published on Tuesday both by Iranian media and on the supreme leader’s Twitter page, Khamenei said the “Ukraine was dragged by the US to its current location.

Among Washington’s actions that he thinks led to the military confrontation with Russia were America’s alleged interference in the Eastern European nation’s “Internal affairs” in the form of “Color revolutions, toppling one country and placing another in power.

Khamenei noted that Iran “Encourages the end of war in Ukraine

China comments on Western sanctions against Russia

Iran’s supreme leader also said the latest dramatic events in Ukraine should serve as an important lesson to other countries. One of the two key conclusions that can be drawn according to Khamenei is that America and Europe’s support for other countries is just a “It is a mirage but it is not real.” The cleric went on You can find more information here liken “today’s Ukraine” to “yesterday’s Afghanistan,” in that both nations were “Let it be” by the US and Western governments.

The other important lesson which Khamenei said could be learned from the Ukrainian crisis is that the “people are governments’ most important support.” He proceeded to claim that the “Ukrainens” did not really “Applaud the government.” According to Iran’s supreme leader, had the Ukrainian government enjoyed popular support, it would not have found itself in the current situation.

Iran has languished under strong sanctions for many years, mostly because of its nuclear program. A slew of new sanctions have been imposed on Russia by the US and its allies, including Canada, EU, Canada, Japan, and many other Asian countries. The punitive measures came in response to Russia launching a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24, which, according to President Vladimir Putin, is not an attempt to occupy the country, but rather to “Demilitarize and Denazify” it. Ukraine and its allies, however, see these claims as a mere pretext for an “unprovoked” invasion.

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