How to Stay Hopeful During a Pandemic

How to Stay Hopeful During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, it’s very normal to experience a mix of emotions while navigating a new season that looks different than years past. Many people feel sad, depressed, and lonely due to the changes and can have difficulty looking forward to the future. Father Rutler offers some insight into how to stay hopeful during a pandemic and keep your spirits up in challenging times.

Use Your Faith to Remain Hopeful

Although it can be easy to rely on ourselves, our money, or even our family in easy and happy times, it can be hard to feel optimistic during a pandemic. Now is the time to practice using faith to remain hopeful and lean on God when life becomes difficult. There are many Bible verses people can read and meditate on to ensure to shift focus. Instead of focusing on the current circumstances, the peace of God can allow all of us to remember that He is good and still has plans for our futures.

Write Down Goals

It can be easy to convince ourselves that the pandemic is a permanent issue and that nothing will change in the coming years. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on things to look forward to by writing down a few goals. Although we may not be able to control our surroundings, we can still control parts of our lives and work towards new accomplishments.

George Rutler suggests that this may be the perfect season to start writing a book or further one’s education and sign up for online courses. Writing down a few goals will help the mind stay busy and occupied. Take advantage of the free time.

Get Outside

Spending too much time indoors can affect our moods and also limit our exposure to the sun and elements. Make it a point to get outside at least once a day and enjoy time on a walk or exploring nature. Consider finding a few walking trails or purchasing a new bike to use. The sunshine along with a bit of physical activity can boost our moods and also have a positive impact on our health.

Stay Connected

Father Rutler stresses the importance of staying connected to loved ones in the midst of a pandemic when it can be easy to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Connect with at least one person every few days, which can include calling up a family member or video conferencing with a group of friends. Make sure to also use this time to play board games with family or write a letter to a spouse. Finding new ways to connect and bond with people you care about can allow you to feel uplifted.

Changing a few habits during a pandemic can make it easier to feel like yourself again and look forward to the good in your life. You can shift your focus and influence other people with your positive attitude.


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