Fun Hanukkah Crafts To Do With Kids

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival celebrated by Jews. It is often known as the festival of lights, and it falls in November or December. It is mostly celebrated with the lighting of a menorah, games and, traditional foods. Kids celebrate festivals by making some crafts such as dreidel. Chanoch Harow enjoys doing traditional crafts with his family. 

First, there is a paper circuit menorah made using materials such as a cell battery, led lights, copper tapes, scotch tape, and blinding clips. The little ones make this art in a friendly and unified way. Additionally, there is an unconventional flameless menorah, which teaches them about the color learning process and counting. The crafts are also passed from one generation to the other. Another essential craft is the name art snowflakes, which introduce naming art ideas, boosting young ones’ creativity. Precisely, the activity is made using round pieces of paper, which are usually folded into halves or thirds, making originals that make six-sided snowflakes depending on the size of names involved.

There is also a Hanukkah game which is easy to make as kids feel and touch when making it during the festival. It is a friendly way to teach about the items that represent the Jewish festival. It is made by using a tissue box or a wiping container. Materials such as a pen, notecard, and other various items are placed inside the container. Household items that fit in the box can be used. After naming the things selected on the note cards, the game is always ready for play. Moreover, we have another design known as stamps, which helps decorate items like gift cards and wrapping papers. Potatoes are mostly preferred when making stamps as they are cheap, ready, and available. The skill helps them become experts in making fine motors and textiles.

Another game is the festival stem. It is a spinning game that enhances creativity among the kids. the game is made using some materials such as cardstocks, various round objects, dowels, scissors, rulers, and stopwatches. Household items are used to supplement the required items. They experiment with their own with their designs before introducing them to a recipe style plan. The game boosts creativity in a friendly way. Besides, there is also a sand art menorah and candles made using their favorite colors and kept in their houses for a long time. Materials such as small and big glass jars, funnel, scissors, silver straws, and ribbons are always necessary. Indeed, this art contributes to historic preservation as they will see the art they made long ago. Lastly, there is a paper plate menorah. It is simple to make using paper plates, clothe, pins, and paint. The toy acts as the traditional lighting of the menorah. The young ones rehearse on them by adding candles from right to left. Each candle symbolizes a full day.

In conclusion, Hannukah engagements give young ones a unique opportunity to learn and improve their creativity skills, enhancing them to make informed decisions. They also become innovative in different ways. Chanoch Harow suggests spending any time with daily during the holiday season is extremely important. 


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