How to Make Emojis Smaller on iPhone

Updating your smart phone usually provides its share of benefits, but not everyone will enjoy all the features the newer models come with. A common complaint many users have had when switching to the iPhone 10 is the oversized emojis.

Some people may not care too much about these large emojis, but others just can’t stand them. The latter often wonder how to make emojis smaller on iPhone and similar devices.

Well, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a great solution for those who are wondering how to make emojis smaller on iPhone. However, the good news is, if you send more than 3 emojis together, or you send text along with your emojis, the images will shrink down to a more bearable size.

Why the Bigger Emojis

No one is sure why Apple chose to increase the size of the emojis. Some say it may be due to the fact that so many people send single emoji responses. Apple may have increased the size of the emojis to emphasize these responses.

It could also be due to people who struggle to read their iPhones. Many people’s vision deteriorates over time making it difficult to read smaller text sizes.  

How to Maintain Healthy Vision

Of course, being able to see the text on your phone is just one of the many reasons you will want to do all you can to protect your eye health. Our sight is one of our most important senses so it goes without saying that we will want to keep our eyes safe from diseases and degeneration.

There are many things you can do to maintain healthy vision. Eating right, swimming with a snorkel, getting plenty of sleep, good posture, and not smoking are just some of the things you can do for great eye health.

There are also supplements you can take to ensure healthy vision. Here are some we recommend.

Supplements for Healthy Vision

Pure Encapsulation’s Vision Pro Nutrients: Pure Encapsulations is a company that is known for providing pure and potent supplements that are vegetarian and hypoallergenic. Their Vision Pro Nutrients are packed with antioxidants that help maintain macular and retinal health. They include a comprehensive multivitamin/mineral complex that supports healthy vision.

Gaia Herbs’ Healthy Vision: The Gaia Herbs brand provides homeopathic products that contain certified organic herbs. Their healthy vision liquid phytocaps contain bilberry, grape seed, lutein, and astaxanthin, which provide antioxidant eye support. The supplement can protect the eyes from free radical damage while supporting healthy eye circulation.

Progressive Labs’ Brilliant Vision: Progressive Labs provides innovative products that support overall wellness. Their Brilliant Vision capsules contain herbs, nutrients, and natural compounds to maintain healthy vision. The beneficial ingredients in the capsules support multiple facets of eye health.

We might not have a great answer to the question, “How to make emojis smaller on iPhone?” but we do have great ways for you to maintain healthy vision so that you will never need to make them larger. 

What do you do to ensure you are always seeing 20/20 on your iPhone 10? 

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