How to Handle Ongoing Workplace Conflict

So you’ve tried to talk things through and you’ve not managed to make much progress. Of course each situation is so personal and the details will vary dramatically, but there are a few ways to handle ongoing workplace conflict that can help you move through it with as little damage as possible. One of the hardest things about workplace conflict is that you still have to continue with your job responsibilities, despite having to manage your own feelings about the situation. It can be really tough to juggle it all and to see a way out so keep reading for my tips for how to best handle things.

1. Pause Before You React
One of the worst mistakes people make when they’re in any type of conflict is that they react when they’re at the peak of their emotions. You’re going to be much more likely to say something you regret and can’t take back if you’re operating from a place of emotions. Instead, take a break and pause before you make any rash decisions. You can do something to help yourself pause, like counting to ten, doing a little meditation track from your phone, or just getting outside for a break. Reacting when you’re feeling emotional will mean that you likely do or say things you may come to regret, so this is a really important step in workplace conflict management.

2. Get an Outside Opinion
One of the best things you can do is to Google for employment lawyers near me to find someone who can offer you expert legal advice. Depending on your situation and position, there might be a myriad of ways to move forward with the conflict but knowing your legal rights and obligations will help you handle things with grace. If you’re looking at a possible settlement situation it can be even more worthwhile getting this legal advice to ensure you make the right steps. At the very least, talk to a trusted friend or family member before you do anything you might regret.

3. Consider Therapy
If the workplace conflict is affecting your ability to do your job properly or to live your life, it might be becoming a traumatic experience. If you feel like you’d benefit from therapy, take a look at the best affordable therapy nearby to get an idea of costs. Your work or insurance might even have some coverage that offers free or reduced cost sessions. Therapy can be a great way to work through the issues and help improve your overall well being.

4. Explore New Options
It might be worth considering a move if the workplace conflict is really bad. Sometimes a fresh start is a great way to move forward. Look at what other positions are available in your area and salary range. You might even want to start educating yourself by doing some new training, like this one available here It’s always a good idea to upskill yourself, especially when your work is not feeling particularly stable.

If you’re struggling with workplace conflict take a deep breath. This can be a really challenging time in your life but with a little time and effort things will improve.



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