Hunters of the unvaccinated are being hired in Europe — Analysis

Austrian city is seeking employees to enforce fines on those who refuse the Covid jab. It comes just weeks before the European government mandates sweeping vaccinations.

Linz posted the job advert. The Austrian city has advertised that they will issue penalties and process appeals to those who are not vaccinated. According to the opening lines, this job is for those who are able to read and speak English. “take pleasure in working with legislation and administrative procedures.”

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The employees’ hard toil will be remunerated monthly with a salary starting from €2,774 ($3,126). An individual must have Austrian citizenship and a secondary education degree. They also need to be willing to work overtime and have a valid Covid vaccine or recovery certificate to be eligible for this job.

In addition, the women who are vying to be appointed will have priority over men with similar qualifications.

Linz is home to over 200,000 people and has the lowest Covid vaccination rates in Austria. According to a website tracking the issuance of digital vaccination certificates in the country, only 63% of the city’s population have received a complete dosage of a Covid vaccine so far.

The ruling conservatives and two opposition parties had already agreed in December to make Covid vaccine mandatory for everyone Austrians. Anyone refusing to receive the shot could face heavy penalties every three years. If an individual persists in resisting vaccination during the course of a year, they could end up having to shell out a total of €3,600 for the 12 months, according to media reports.

Austria was the first European nation to announce a broad vaccine mandate for its citizens. Vienna also was the first nation in Europe to establish a nationwide lockdown in November for those who were not vaccinated. It would later be extended to include all vaccinated people weeks later. While the lockdown was lifted on December 12, Austrians who were not vaccinated are still banned from attending non-essential activities.



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