How to Find a Quality Company to Handle a Book Translation

With an increasing appreciation of the significance of localization and translation, there has been an increase in the number of translation companies. This makes it harder to choose one when looking for one to handle a book translation. When selecting a book translation company, they should prove that you can trust them to complete the project within your deadline and requirements accurately. Choosing a quality company for a book translation can feel overwhelming because of the many options. To help you choose a service, follow the following crucial tips for choosing a company that can adequately handle your book translation needs.

Ensure the Company also does Localization

A credible book translation company should understand its target market and localize the content. Localization allows the translated material to deliver the message to the target market. For instance, a European Portuguese audience will use different phrasing for different messaging than a Brazilian Portuguese audience. Look for a company that works with native translators from the target market to guarantee that the content is properly localized.

Have Subject Matter and Industry Experts

Translators know many things and understand the culture and language under translation at the native level. But, a credible translating company should have experts in particular fields such as technical, marketing, medical, or finance translation. The experts ensure proper terminology for the target language to make the content sound as professional as in the original book. Check the translation company’s website or try to post a project and establish if their translators have the expertise that you need. A reliable translating company will employ a knowledgeable team able to handle any subject matter thrown their way.

Ensure the Company and Translators are Appropriately Certified

While it may seem easy, translation requires specific courses, skills, and certificates to attain the highest levels. This is on top of the vast experience needed to translate different subjects. A dependable translation company should have a team of certified specialists in the expertise and languages they provide. Different companies apply different qualifications and certification processes. Therefore, you should consider how the company vets its translation experts and the certification they need to work in the company.

Check their Turnaround Time (TAT)

Besides quality, you’ll also need to consider how fast the project is completed. You may require the book to be translated within a particular time because of market demand. So, the translation company should finish the job within your deadline efficiently. Ask for a quote and see the approximate delivery time to make you understand the duration of your project and if they can deliver within the required timeframe. Some companies provide the option of charging a little extra for expedited delivery. So, if you require a fast TAT, you may consider this when choosing a translation company.

Always choose a translation company that meets the language needs of your target audience. They should also localize the content to make it easy to comprehend.



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