How To Be Mindful Of Others During The Pandemic – With Helen Schifter

For the past year, life has not been easy for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nobody can predict what will happen, not even Helen Schifter. Her expertise in wellness and health could not have come at a better time. The health crisis has made everyone mindful of their work with the fear of contracting the virus and Shifter has developed an easy way in which individuals can help those around them. Due to the health measures put in place where people remain in their own homes, it has not been comfortable for everyone. Since people were never used to living such a kind of life, it is effortless for them to fall into a depression that can cause mental disorders. According to Taste Terminal, one must be mindful of other people’s wellbeing, especially when people are fighting so many silent battles alone. The following are ways in which Schifter recommends others can be mindful of others during this pandemic.

Schifter always keeps others in mind and close to her heart. During such a difficult time, Schifter recommends reaching out to all friends and family, because one can never know what they go through. One must show some love to others as well. Before you do anything, it is good to think of how it will impact your neighbor. For instance, if you live with someone who had the virus and recovered, you must be careful of what you talk about when they are around this because some of them have gone through emotional trauma and talked about some things before they hurt them more. Schifter believes that showing compassion and love to others can possibly impact them. You are supposed to show them some love, and it will help them recover quickly.

Times are hard, and Covid-19 has made people anti-social due to the health measures that have been put in place to ensure people stay indoors to avoid the spread of the disease. However, if one gets the opportunity to talk to someone, Schifter recommended doing so. Engage in a conversation with such a person and give them a listening ear. Some people may be silent, yet they might be hurting inside; hence you never know, you might be the solution they need to keep moving on with life. With Shifter’s experience in the wellness, she understands how just showing others care and appreciation can change their pandemic experience. 

If you have someone you have suffered from the virus and are still in the healing process, you must stay close to them and talk to them to distract them from their thoughts that might be still hurting. When someone is talking to you, how you respond is very important. Ensure that you give them all your attention when talking and try as much as possible, not judge them. Share with them their feelings and provide them with hope. Schifter recommends Zooming, calling, or social distancing with such idiculas. Showing them support can increase their mindfulness. 

According to Crunchbase, one must put oneself in other people’s shoes if you were the one in certain conditions. Times are hard, and most people have lost their jobs; hence, most people struggle to put a decent meal on the table. Everyone should check out on their neighbors and those blessed they can offer to help with food and clothing to the less fortunate.

Most people might be tempted to adopt bad habits of unhealthy eating since most of the time they are in the house. It is suitable for everyone to make sure that they have a balanced diet to avoid lifestyle diseases. Physical exercises such as walking and yoga can also be of great help, especially when having a mental breakdown. With her experience in the health and wellness industries, Schifter highly recommends keeping some type of exercise regime during the pandemic. It is a wonderful way to relieve stress and maintain a more positive attitude, according to Elle Decor


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