How to Ask for the Job Title You Deserve

How to Ask for the Job Title You Deserve 

It’s not always easy to navigate the corporate world but the good news is Dr. Jordan Sudberg is here to make it easier for all those who have questions about stuff that they are too afraid to ask. So, one of the questions he gets asked a lot is how they should try to ask for the job title they feel they deserve & he knows how tricky it can be. So, he has compiled a few pieces of advice for those who are ready to go to the head honcho & request that they get a new job title that is more reflective of their smarts & skills. So, the first thing he advises is to always use a calm & respectful tone when asking the boss man about this as this will show how mature they are & will make them much more inclined to oblige any ask they may have of him. It’s also just a rule of thumb that the people in authority do not typically respond well to those who yell or shout the demands at the top of their lungs, so it is definitely important to be composed when going to ask for a favor. So, the next thing he advises is to always try & excel in their roles as this will help the boss to see that the person who is asking for this new job title is in fact worthy of it. He’ll definitely feel more inclined to give it to a person who has been doing great work for them for many years as opposed to a staff member who has to be told many times to do it over again & is always slacking off when they should be hard at work at whatever it is they do at the company. So, the next bit of advice he has is to give them time to think about it before they decide whether or not to grant the job title as this will ensure that they are not pushy & are willing to wait for what they deserve. It will also make him realize just how far they have come over the years so they will be much more likely to grant the request as they sit & contemplate it over the years. This is one of the most mature things they can do when they are making this type of request. Finally, it’s important to show just how good they are at the job as the head honcho will not give them that job title if he does not think they are qualified for it. So, this is why it is imperative for them to show him what they can do as they try to attain their dreams & shoot for the stars. So as long as they heed the advice of Dr. Jordan Sudberg they cannot go wrong in their careers. The title will come so long as they work hard & are patient as can be.


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