How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

A professional junk removal service can help you clean up your property quickly, whether you are planning on selling your house or just want to freshen up your space. From old furniture and renovation waste to trash and landscaping debris, junk removal companies can remove eye sores and unwanted items.

Pre-checklist for professional junk removal

Is this your first time using a professional junk removal service? Here are a few tips to ensure the process goes smoothly. You should first assess the total amount of debris the movers will take from your home. If possible, consolidate the removable items into fewer piles. You’ll help the movers when they arrive and better gauge the volume of things you’re discarding to receive a more precise estimate.

How much does a professional junk removal service cost?

While rates vary for junk removal services, it’s safe to assume that costs will increase for larger volumes of refuse, regardless of location. More urgent service requests with shorter timeframes will also likely result in higher prices, so plan accordingly.

Shop around for quotes to find the best fit for both the price and the company. Ask neighbors, friends, and colleagues in your community for referrals; word of mouth is the most trustworthy marketing!

Let Curbio take out the trash

Curbio provides end-to-end pre-listing solutions for homeowners like you! Our dedicated project managers can handle the details of your junk removal. Our licensed, insured contractors can accomplish all of your home improvements so that you earn the highest price for your home and sell it in the shortest time possible. Our service rates are comparable to traditional contractors, but our pay model differs significantly! We’ll finance the upfront costs, and you’ll pay us a fixed, no-interest fee once your home sells. Don’t let the clutter overwhelm you –kick it to Curbio! We’re happy to help.

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