How Eternals’ Two Post-Credits Scenes Could Shape the Future of the MCU

There are many options. EternalsThis movie is different from the other 25 that preceded it in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseIt is available at: The scope of the telescope is vast. Academy Award-winning director Chloé ZhaoA cast of new characters and an updated storyline. However, it is still part of the MCU, so naturally, it has post-credit scenes—two, to be precise.

Both Eternals’ Fans of the MCU love the post-credits scenes. Both have significant implications for the direction the Eternals, as well the whole franchise. Attention:This article will spoil everything. EternalsAlso, the specifics of what happens after credits.
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What happens at the middle of credits scene?

We cut to the spaceship of Druig, Thena and Makkari who are all on the way to discover more Eternals. They’re concerned that they haven’t heard from Sersi (Gemma Chan) or the others recently, but there’s suddenly a much more pressing issue. There’s some strange light and an eerie presence echoing down one of the hallways, but before Makkari can fully investigate, out pops an empty mug. It’s followed by a leprechaun/satyr-looking creature (animated with some oddly sub-par CGI) named Pip the Troll (voiced by Patton OswaltThis is a. Pip is a herald and announces the impending arrival of an being, who among other superlatives is Thanos’Are you my brother? Eros emerges from the shadows (Harry StylesIn a cameo appearance that brought down the house), who tells the Eternals that they’re going to need his help.

In the comics, Thanos and Eros (who also goes by the superhero name Starfox) are both canonically the children of Eternals who were sent to a non-Earth world, though neither character appears to be connected to them that way in the MCU—at least for now. In those comics, it is explained that Thanos’ appearances are due to his Deviant genetics, while Eros looks normal. They remain brothers, though.

Eros made his debut in 1973’s Iron Man, the Invincible #55, and in his early appearance, he fought alongside other survivors of his brother’s initial reign of terror alongside the original comics Captain MarvelIt is. He eventually made his way to Earth, where he would frequently fight alongside the Avengers, using his powers of flight, super-strength and the ability to manipulate people’s emotions. That last power sometimes played out in unsavory ways, as the flirtatious Eros was once, in the comics, credibly accused of sexual assault because he allegedly manipulated his partners’ emotions. (When She-Hulk, who is a working lawyer, defended him in court, she eventually grew suspicious that he’d used his powers on her during an earlier fling and as a result, she beat the living hell out of him. Disney’s Marvel Studios is the next. probably This storyline should not be adapted.

Pip the Troll, for those who could focus on anything other than Harry Styles’ charm, first appeared in a 1975 issue of Strange TalesThis is the end result. He’s a disgraced alien prince who traveled around with members of the Guardians of the GalaxyBefore he teamed up with Eros, he had the ability to teleport.

Was there any post-credits action?

Final scene of post-credits takes us back on Earth where Dane Whitman (Kit Harington() looks anxious in his class. In the earlier scenes, he tried to talk about his family and secret history with Sersi before Arishem (voiced primarily by David Kaye), called Sersi away. It is now clear what this secret is. The ancient sword is found in a small box. Dane opens it, and the voice inside speaks menacingly to him in unintelligible, deep speech. Mustering his courage, Dane resolves to touch the blade, but he’s stopped by an offscreen voice that asks, “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr Whitman?” It’s unconfirmed, but the voice sure sounds like that of Samuel L. Jackson, implying that Nick Fury is once again stepping out of the shadows and reaching out to would-be superheroes, just as he did in the MCU’s very first post-credits sequence in 2008’s Iron Man.

Comics readers are likely not surprised by Dane’s reveal in the sequence. Fans were enamored that Harington was going to play a character called Dane Whitman. In the comics, he’s actually the third person to bear the Black Knight mantle. This was an homage to the Black Knight. Arthurian loreThis is the original version. Created and maintained by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely in the ‘50s, he was a knight named Sir Percy who fell victim to a cursed, enchanted sword forged from a meteorite known as the Ebony Blade. Nathan Garrett was the last to receive the blade. Nathan worked as a supervillain, using the Black Knight name. However, he eventually gave the sword away to Dane, his nephew. In 1967, the first issue of Black Knight featured this Black Knight version. The Avengers

As Black Knight, Dane has immense power when he’s wielding the Ebony Blade, but the weapon carries a horrible curse and takes its toll on his sanity and mental health. The Ebony Blade draws blood. Swords do this. It makes its user more insane. Dane was brought down by the curse over the years and has used other weapons at times, but the Ebony blade remains his most famous weapon. He has been a member of the Avengers but also has a connection with the Eternals, most notable in a 1992 storyline where Sersi has her consciousness bonded with Dane’s own to stave off the madness, known as Mahd Wy’ry, that Eternals can fall victim to. The story was complex to say the very least.

It is important to consider what it means for the MCU’s future.

Both post-credits scenes offer up so much potential for where the MCU—both the Eternals and the franchise as a whole—can go from here. The Eternals’ story ended very much on a cliffhanger, with our protagonist Sersi and her friends having been whisked away across the vastness of the cosmos with the promise of judgment. Eros has ties to the Eternals in the comics, so it’s possible that he’ll help Thena, Druig and Makkari and reunite the gang in their fight against the Celestials, whether that be in a direct Eternals sequel or in some other Marvel movie. We don’t know anything for certain, but since Eternals ends with the promise that “The Eternals will return,” it seems safe to assume that Thena, Druig and Makkari will be back and that Eros and Pip will be with them.

Black Knight is a comic book character with connections to the Avengers and Eternals. His Future MCUHe could go to the stars or stay Earthbound. Either way, it would be a good fit for him. (Or, perhaps it’s both, since when we last saw Nick Fury he was building something in outer space in Spider-Man is Far From Home’s post-credits sequence“. In interviews, Harington has said he doesn’t know what’s next for the character, but it appears that Black Knight will return in the MCU in a big way—whether that’s as part of a next generation of Avengers (perhaps alongside Shang-Chi(Another newcomer) Or fighting for the protection of Sersi in all its vastness.


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