Pakistan reaches ‘complete ceasefire’ with local Taliban faction — RT World News

Pakistan’s government has agreed a total ceasefire with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group, Information Fawad Chaudhry has announced, noting that talks leading to the move were facilitated by authorities in Kabul.

Chaudhry spoke to reporters Monday.“A complete ceasefire”A deal has been reached. Further talks took place in order to achieve a lasting peaceful solution. “The talks will focus on state sovereignty, national security, peace, social and economic stability in the areas concerned,”He said it, according to local media. 

According to the minister, it was a “very important” move. “positive development”He said it would facilitate peace negotiations after long periods of conflict. 

In October, Prime Minister Imran Khan told Turkey’s TRT World that some factions of the TTP were looking for reconciliation and were speaking with the government. “There are different groups that form the TTP and some of them want to talk to our government for peace. They are currently in discussions. It’s a reconciliation process,”Khan said. also available
ISISK-K is striving to take over Afghanistan. USA is at fault

It had previously been suggested by Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi that a conditional amnesty for TTP members could be granted if they surrendered their weapons, accepted the state constitution, and refrained from any criminal activity. 

Reuters quoted sources saying that TTP demanded the release of certain prisoners as a precondition for peace talks. 

Although the TTP’s stronghold in North Waziristan was destroyed by a Pakistani military operation in 2014, it still boasts an estimated 4,500 to 5,000 fighters. Many of these are located across Afghanistan and have been continuously involved in violent incidents.

The TTP is an ideological twin to the Afghan Taliban and wishes to establish its interpretation of Sharia – a hard-line form of Islamic governance – in Pakistan.

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