Horror nightclub fire kills and injures dozens — Analysis

A club in the south of Bangkok saw panicked revelers fleeing from the fiery hell at the hands of the Thai capital.

Local police say at least 13 people were injured and at most, there are at least 13 killed in a fire at the club. There is also disturbing footage online of the incident.

The conflagration started around 1am early Friday morning at a club in Thailand’s Chonburi province, located about 80 miles south of the capital of Bangkok, police colonel Wuttipong Somjai told Reuters, adding that at least 35 had been injured. Although the official did not provide any further details, he noted that all victims have been identified as Thai citizens.

Disturbing footageSocial media has shared photos taken during the fire, which showed club patrons trying to flee the huge blaze. Some were even engulfed by flames. 

Another image showed the extent of the fire damage at the club’s one-story floor, and the interior that was almost completely destroyed.

In 2009, 66 were killed and many more injured by a similar fire at a Thai club. Local authorities have not made public the cause, but conflicting information has led to many theories about what caused the fire, from electrical problems at the club to fireworks accidents.

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