Government orders masks & Covid passes for children to ‘save Christmas’ — Analysis

The authorities in Cyprus announced new restrictions on Covid-19, which include mandatory screenings for young children and masking.

In response to a rise in cases on the Mediterranean island, health officials have notched up their pandemic protocols, even announcing citizens’ vaccination certification, referred to as a SafePass, will be null and void next month if they are seven months out from their vaccination.

Children and adults will need to get booster shots to be able to access indoor spaces like SafePass-equipped stores or restaurants. For access to outdoor and indoor areas such as shopping malls and theaters, even for children as young as 12, those who are not vaccinated must get inoculated. Unvaccinated people make up approximately 20% of Cyprus. 

Weekly screenings for coronavirus will begin November 29 in children aged six to eleven years old. The mandatory requirement for masks is also in place. The self testing kits are available to all individuals in December. However, citizens who have not been vaccinated must pay the costs. 

Michalis Hadjipantelas (Health Minister) stated that new orders had been made. “save Christmas.”

“Only through cooperation and individual responsibility can we overcome the threat of this virus, and save Christmas without the imposition of additional measures,”He said. 

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