‘God’ removed from Christmas hymn — Analysis

Remarkable backlash has been received by a Swedish singer after she removed references to God in a 19th-century hymn she sang on NBC’s annual Christmas program.

Singer-songwriter Malin Foxdal, 43, performed Zacharias Topelius’ 1887 Christmas song ‘Julvisa’ on SVT’s ‘Luciamorgon’ program last week, which airs every December 13 in celebration of Lucia Day.

Foxdal altered the lyrics in order to eliminate all reference to God. These were replaced by vague references. “love”And “light.”

These lyrics were modified in Sweden, and elsewhere. Critics cited it as an example for the secularization Christmas.

Marie Willermark (Salvation Army) protested the decision. “thinned-out”Version in English postTwitter user argues that the hymn is not complete without any references to God “a prayer without a recipient who can answer.”

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Olav Melin, a Finnish journalist, called it an incident “an example of the pyromania of secularization,”This is becoming more common “burning up everything that gives tradition meaning.”

“For most of us, regardless of faith, the word God in the psalm gives a meaning quite significant at Christmas time,”Melin explained that he was unsure if God exists. “become too dangerous to use and should be rewritten.”

Marion Jernrada, SVT’s project manager, supported the performance by arguing that vocalists are not a problem. “are allowed to put their stamp on words and tone, just like in all other music programs,” and that Foxdal’s modified lyrics “relate in a beautiful, innovative and respectful way to Topelius’ original text from 1887.”



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