What Are GeoProxy’s Duties?

GeoProxy is a location-based proxy. Like any proxy, it performs its specific duties, which will be discussed in this article. Please note that you do not need to download any applications in order to use the proxy.

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A little more detail

Let’s explain with a simple example what a proxy is and how it works. For example, you enter into the search engine “How to become a billionaire.” The request passes through your provider’s servers, you get access to the Internet and a list of results for your request.

Then you send a request to the site you are interested in and he answers you. That is, you simply open it. In this case, the site may receive some of your data:

  1. Your approximate or exact location and your IP address.
  2. The OS you use and its version (both for PCs and laptops and for smartphones and tablets).
  3. The browser you are using and its version.
  4. Some information about the configuration of your device.
  5. And some other data.

Yes, not all sites receive a complete list of all the data listed above. It depends on each specific resource. Not everyone is satisfied with this. People strive for anonymity and personal security, and a proxy can help with this.

The proxy will act as an intermediary when using the Internet. Before getting to the site and getting a response from it, all requests will be routed through a proxy. The scheme looks something like this – “Your device – proxy – site – proxy – your device”. A proxy can also replace some of your data and thus mask you. For example, replace your IP and location (not physical, of course), your device configuration, and so on.

This is primarily used to achieve some anonymity and bypass regional blocking. Also, by replacing your data, you, being in a completely different place, can access a site that is available only in a certain territory or in a certain country.

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