Germany sets ‘grim’ Covid record & eyes new curbs — Analysis

The Robert Koch Institute reports that for the first time in the history of the pandemic the daily number of Covid cases has surpassed 60,000.

Officials fear this number may be higher because not all cases get reported and/or detected immediately. A mere week ago, Germany had more than 50,000 daily infected people.

Germans facing ‘really terrible Christmas’

Bavaria and Saxony are three of the nation’s most popular Covid hotspots. Hospitals in this region have to delay any non-emergency procedures because they are overloaded with Covid patients.

The Bundestag voted on Thursday to support a set of new measures that will help stop the spread of the disease against this dark backdrop. Germany’s Social Democrats and the Green and Free Democratic Parties proposed the package. They are likely to create a new coalition government by next week.

The rules, if passed by the upper chamber, would require daily Covid testing of all visitors and employees at care homes. Germans will also need to prove that they have been fully vaccinated, recovered from an illness or passed a negative Covid test to be allowed to work or take public transportation.

In addition, anyone caught selling or forging false certificates and tests may face five years in prison. The new plan, which is similar to the Covid regulations, gives regional authorities some flexibility in terms of restrictions. For example, they can ban recreational or cultural events. But, local governments would be exempted from travel bans, curfews, and large-scale business closings.

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