Ship carrying thousands of Porsches catches fire at sea — Analysis

When it transmitted a distress signal, the Felicity Ace ship measuring 650 feet in length was transporting 4,000 vehicles to America.

On Wednesday, 22 crew members were evacuated from Felicity Ace’s large cargo ship Felicity Ace after the vessel issued a distress signal following a fire that broke out aboard the vessel. It was carrying more than 4,000 vehicles.

According to the Portuguese Navy, the rescue was initiated in response to the alert of the Panama-flagged Ship.

The Portuguese Navy’s NRP Setubal patrol ship, four merchant vessels in the area, and Portuguese Air Force assets were activated to provide support and bring the crew to safety.

When a fire broke out on the Azores island, Faial, the ship was about 650ft long.

Cargo ship ‘hijacked’ in Red Sea

Porsche and Volkswagen responded to the situation with statements.

“Our immediate thoughts are of the 22 crew of the merchant ship Felicity Ace, all of whom we understand are safe and well as a result of their rescue by the Portuguese Navy following reports of a fire on board,”A spokesperson from Porsche stated.

Volkswagen released the following statement. “We are aware of an incident today involving a cargo ship transporting Volkswagen Group vehicles across the Atlantic. No injuries have been reported at the moment. We are working with local authorities and the shipping company to investigate the cause of the incident.”

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