Germany says there’ll be no more negotiations over Northern Ireland Protocol, as UK demands relaxation of EU customs arrangement — RT World News

The spokesperson representing the German government stated that Berlin rejected any further negotiations regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol but supported the European Commission’s efforts to reach a resolution.

Speaking on Friday, a German government spokesperson reiterated the country’s support for the European Commission and its attempt to find a solution to the issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

“The goal is to work with Great Britain to find solutions to implement the protocol, and the European Commission has the German government’s full support in this regard,”According to the spokesperson.

“However, we refuse to renegotiate the protocol,” they added, dismissing UK Brexit Minister David Frost’s demands for two to three weeks of “Intense” talks. 

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It has effectively drawn a line of customs along the Irish Sea. This will keep Northern Ireland inside the EU single market. The arrangement, according to many in London and Belfast, isn’t working, and some say it threatens the hard-won peace on the island.

“There needs to be significant change if we are to get an agreed solution,”Frost spoke to Politico Thursday, ahead of meeting Maros Sefcovic who preside over EU-UK relations following Brexit. 

A Wednesday EU proposal would allow for the unassisted flow of medicine between Northern Ireland and the UK. All paperwork would also be reduced in half. The inspections of meat, milk, and other foodstuffs coming from Britain’s mainland would fall by 80%. 

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In a pre-emptive message on Tuesday, Frost said he thought the EU’s proposal would likely fall short and that between two and three weeks of negotiations would be needed. Along with customs reliefs, Britain wants to see the European Court of Justice (ECJ), in Northern Ireland removed. It decides whether EU institutions act legally. This includes matters related to trade and compliance with the single market.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has also threatened to leave Northern Ireland’s power-sharing arrangement unless the protocol is amended.

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