Germany promises to help Taiwan if China attacks — Analysis

According to Der Spiegel, Germany warned China not to escalate tensions with Taiwan. It also pledged support for Taipei in the event of conflict. Foreign Minister Annalena Bock made this announcement Tuesday at a UN Non-Proliferation Treaty conference held in New York.

“We do not accept when international law is broken and a larger neighbor attacks its smaller neighbor,”Baerbock added that the principle was applicable to China too.

Baerbock’s statement comes amid increased tensions between the US and China as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly expected to visit Taiwan on Tuesday. Beijing warned repeatedly that this would mean Beijing interprets the move as an attack on its sovereignty and a violation of Washington’s One China Policy.

Commenting on the possible visit by the speaker, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that some US politicians are “openly playing with fire”Washington’s attempts to create an artificial incident in Taiwan Strait were tamped.

Pelosi: “dares”Taiwan travel guide “the [People’s Liberation Army] will not sit idly by”It will be taken “resolute and strong countermeasures” to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian warned on Monday.

Online footage shows China amassing military

As tensions escalate, many Asian news outlets reported that both Taipei and Beijing have increased their military activities across the Taiwan Strait. Independent reports that US Navy ships were also dispatched to this region by the Independent. “routine deployments.”

The White House has yet to confirm Pelosi’s stop in Taipei, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken has insisted that the “decision is entirely the Speaker’s” and that the administration doesn’t know what Pelosi intends to do.

CNN reported that several unnamed Taiwanese officials and US officials confirmed to CNN Monday that Pelosi would indeed travel to the island. This will be the first trip by a House Speaker to the island since 1995.

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