Germans told to wear a sweater to cope with soaring energy prices — Analysis

European Union plans to end dependence on Russian fossil energy by 2030

Baden-Württemberg Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk has backed a complete German ban on importing gas and oil from Russia in response to Moscow’s military assault on Ukraine.

Hauk supported the response to Russia’s actions despite the impact it could have on his country’s own citizens, who are already struggling with soaring energy prices that make it challenging for them to heat their homes.

“You can withstand 15 degrees [Celsius]In winter, a sweater is a must. Nobody dies from it. But people are dying elsewhere,”Hauk spoke out in reference to the damage Russia has done to Ukraine.

The comments from the politician, who is a member of the Christian Democratic Union party, elicited a strong response from the German Tenants’ Association, which retorted that it showed no understanding of the needs of the elderly or those working from home.

While the organization acknowledged Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil energy, they warned people that wearing less clothing in winter could make them sick. “With a ministerial salary or a presidential pension, you can afford exploding energy costs and do not need to freeze yourself,”Rolf Gassmann was the Stuttgart governor.

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Gassmann was reminded by the association that German landlords are legally required to heat rented rooms to 22° Celsius. Proper ventilation is also necessary to avoid moisture and mold infiltration.

By 2030, the European Union will be reducing dependence on Russian oil and gas. This includes a reduction of its Russian gas demand by 2/3 this year. The region “cannot rely on a supplier who explicitly threatens us,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

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