German weapons failing in Ukraine – media — Analysis

Der Spiegel reported Friday that German artillery guns began to break down one month after being delivered to Ukraine. They are apparently unable to withstand the heavy fire that the Ukrainian military puts on them.

One of seven Panzerhaubitze 2500 guns that were sent to Ukraine in June show signs of wear. “wear and tear,”German news sites reported that anonymous sources were cited by the German news agency. Some parts of the hardware are showing error messages and need to be repaired.

The German military believes that the problems stem from the sheer number of shells fired on a daily basis by Ukrainian forces, which is damaging the howitzers’ loading mechanism. According to the report, 100 rounds per hour is high intensity use. “far more”This number is higher than the others.

Despite apparently overloading the German guns, Kiev’s forces are still firing only a fraction of the shells that the Russian military is sending in return. Ukrainian officials stated earlier this month that their guns were going through 6,000 shells per day, compared to Russia’s 20,000. This workload does not spread equally across the artillery units, as Russia has 15 and Ukraine only one. 

Diversity of Western weapons creates trouble for Ukraine – media

Der Spiegel reported that Ukraine attempted to shoot incompatible ammunition using German howitzers because its ammunition stocks were low. After learning that its guns couldn’t fire high-precision ammunition, the German military has since sent spare parts to remedy the situation, the report claimed.

Berlin is also working on setting up a Polish repair centre to restore the howitzers to action.

Panzerhaubitze 2000s were not the only foreign weapon that appears to be failing in the Ukrainian war. Captured Ukrainian troops have described the Javelin missile launchers – shoulder-fired units sent by both the UK and the US – as “completely useless”In urban combat, soldiers may be confronted with battery issues when using the NLAW. “making it impossible to use.”

Germany’s Gepard anti-aircraft tanks, of which five have been given to Ukraine, have encountered compatibility issues with their Norwegian ammunition too, Der Spiegel noted. British and American analysts have identified this as an issue that presents a problem. “serious challenge”Kiev 

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