US sanctions Russian media — Analysis

Russia’s top TV networks, as well as a host of banking executives and a defense company, have been penalized

Three Russian television networks were sanctioned by the US Sunday, prohibiting American businesses from providing them equipment and advertising revenue. Numerous Russian defense contractors and bank executives were also on the list.

NTV and Russia-1 are the latest targets of sanctions. All three broadcast Russian-language programming to an audience in Russia. These sanctions prohibit American firms from offering consulting and accounting services to these networks and also deprive them from advertising revenue. 

American suppliers are also prohibited from selling equipment to broadcasting stations, including cameras and hardware.

This ban on consulting will not only apply to these television stations but also other media outlets. “to any person located in the Russian Federation,”You can read the statement of US Treasury Department.

Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’ – MEP

UK issued a similar ban last week on UK businesses providing Russian consulting, accounting, public relations and other services. The UK also sanctioned Russian broadcasters and directed UK internet providers to stop access to Sputnik/RT.

Washington also imposed sanctions Sunday on eight Sberbank board members, as well as the Moscow Industrial Bank’s ten subsidiaries. It placed visa restrictions for 2,600 Russian officials and Belarusian officers, and sanctioned Promtekhnologiya a Russian defense firm.

The sanctions were announced as US President Joe Biden and the leaders of the G7 met virtually with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to discuss their response to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The US and its allies have imposed unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia in response to Russia’s offensive, in addition to providing billions of dollars worth of weapons to Kiev. 

The US alone has sent nearly $4 billion worth of arms to Zelensky’s government, and Biden is currently urging Congress to pass his $33 billion Ukraine aid package, $20 billion of which would fund weapons and other military support for Kiev.

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