Amber Heard Cross Examination Continues in Johnny Depp Trial

Johnny Depp’s legal team continued their cross-examination of Amber Heard today as the defamation trial against her continues in the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia. On the stand, when questioned about love notes she wrote her then-husband and whether she was scared of Depp, Heard testified, “This is a man who tried to kill me.”

Depp’s legal team pressed Heard for details about an alleged 2015 incident in Australia, in which Heard claimed that her then-husband sexually assaulted her. Depp also claimed that he had lost a part of his finger as a result. Depp’s attorney asked Heard why there were no records of medical treatment for any of the injuries she allegedly received while fighting with Depp. In response, Heard said, “I didn’t seek treatment.”

When Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez remarked that Heard did not appear scared of Depp, despite the alleged assault, Heard responded: “This is a man who tried to kill me. Of course it’s scary. He’s also my husband.”

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Depp’s legal team noted that while police were called after an argument in May 2016, Heard did not file a report. However, she did file for divorce a few days later and obtained a domestic violence order. Cross-examination revealed that Deadline reports that Vasquez noted that many witnesses testified that they did not notice any injuries on Heard’s face after the argument with Depp.

Amber Heard speaks out about photographs

Depp’s legal team steered the cross-examination to photos of Heard. A Depp lawyer zoomed into one set of black-and white photos, which was taken just weeks after Depp accused her of assaulting her. This allowed him to show that there had been no visible injuries. When asked if she was wearing makeup, Heard answered, “Yes, it’s a photoshoot,” per the New York Post. Depp’s attorney showed another photo of Heard, this time with a visible bruise, and asked if she had tweaked the photo to make her bruise seem worse. “I didn’t touch it,” Heard testified.

Amber Heard says negative stories were planted

Depp’s legal team questioned Heard about negative headlines about her in the press, including one claiming Heard admitted to hitting Depp.

Heard testified that she believes Depp’s team planted unflattering stories about her in the press and leaked an edited audio recording to the media in which Heard admits hitting Depp, per the Post.

Depp’s attorney asked Heard if the Washington Post op-ed that prompted Depp’s defamation suit was about her ex-husband, and the actress answered that no, “the op-ed was about what happened to me.”

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Heard testified also that she feels the lawsuit has hurt her career, and that her part in the sequel to it was detrimental. Aquaman Due to bad publicity, the number of applicants was decreased.

Heard’s cross-examination will continue throughout the day.

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